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Embed Options


Using element with data-mimeeq parameter is deprecated. Please use mmq-embed element instead.

Each embed can be configured with number of options. Below list of all available once. You can also use Mimeeq App snippet to generate proper HTML code automatically.



Parameters to override customer theme settings for single embed

Accent Colordata-mimeeq-button-colorCustom accent colorstring
Accent Color Textdata-mimeeq-button-text-colorCustom text color on controls with accent color as backgroundstring
Background colordata-mimeeq-background-colorCustom background colorstring

UI elements visibility

Below parameters allow to hide parts of UI

Hide text when loader visibledata-mimeeq-cart-loader-onlyIf true, hide text on buttons when displaying loaderboolean
Hide AR icondata-mimeeq-ui-hide-ar-iconIf true, hide View in AR buttonboolean
Hide collection namedata-mimeeq-ui-hide-collection-nameIf true, hide collection name above product nameboolean
Hide whole configuratordata-mimeeq-ui-hide-configuratorIf true, hide whole configurator. Leaves only tabs and relatedboolean
Hide all controlsdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-controlsIf true, hide all controls on configuratorboolean
Hide delivery infodata-mimeeq-ui-hide-deliveryIf true, hide delivery informationboolean
Hide dimensions buttondata-mimeeq-ui-hide-dimensionsIf true, hide Show Dimensions buttonboolean
Hide export model buttondata-mimeeq-ui-hide-exportIf true, hide export model buttonboolean
Hide export image buttondata-mimeeq-ui-hide-export-imageIf true, hide export image buttonboolean
Hide favouritesdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-favouritesIf true, hide favourites button on canvasboolean
Hide favouritesdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-favourites-buttonIf true, hide favourites button on configuratorboolean
Hide finish buttondata-mimeeq-ui-hide-finishIf true, hide finish/add to cart buttonboolean
Hide summary screendata-mimeeq-ui-hide-finish-screenIf true, hide finish screenboolean
Hide footerdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-footerIf true, hide configurator canvas footerboolean
Hide full screen buttondata-mimeeq-ui-hide-full-screenIf true, hide full screen buttonboolean
Hide headerdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-headerIf true, hide configurator headerboolean
Hide history buttonsdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-historyIf true, hide all history related buttonsboolean
Hide 3d informationdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-hot-spotsIf true, hide 3d Information on 3d canvas for products with these configuredboolean
Hide option paneldata-mimeeq-ui-hide-option-panelIf true, hide whole option panelboolean
Hide export PDF on canvasdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-pdf-on-canvasIf true, hide export PDF button on canvasboolean
Hide export PDF on finishdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-pdf-on-finishIf true, hide export PDF button on finish screenboolean
Hide pricedata-mimeeq-ui-hide-priceIf true, hide all pricesboolean
Hide product namedata-mimeeq-ui-hide-product-nameIf true, hide product nameboolean
Hide quantity boxdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-qtyIf true, hide qty buttonsboolean
Hide redo buttondata-mimeeq-ui-hide-redoIf true, hide redo buttonboolean
Hide Related Productsdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-relatedIf true, hide related products sectionboolean
Hide reset buttondata-mimeeq-ui-hide-resetIf true, hide history reset buttonboolean
Hide share on canvasdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-share-on-canvasIf true, hide share button on canvasboolean
Hide share on summarydata-mimeeq-ui-hide-share-on-finishIf true, hide share button on finish screenboolean
Hide tabsdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-tabsIf true, hide tabs sectionboolean
Hide undo buttondata-mimeeq-ui-hide-undoIf true, hide undo buttonboolean
Hide warning 3ddata-mimeeq-ui-hide-warning-3dIf true, hide 3d warning iconboolean
Hide warning iconsdata-mimeeq-ui-hide-warning-iconsIf true, hide warning icons on modular canvasboolean
Hide zoom buttondata-mimeeq-ui-hide-zoomIf true, hide zoom out buttonboolean
Show menu controlsdata-mimeeq-ui-show-menu-controlsIf true, it will display menu controls on Product Group listboolean


Options to control display mode (inline or modal), font and dimensions.

Adjust to Containerdata-mimeeq-ui-adjust-to-containerIf true, adjust configurator to container rather then use predefined min/max sizesboolean
Display configurator in modaldata-mimeeq-modalIf true, render configurator in mimeeq modalboolean
Configurator modal class namedata-mimeeq-modal-class-nameStandard product configurator modal custom class name(s)string
Configurator modal heightdata-mimeeq-modal-heightStandard product configurator modal heightstring
Configurator modal overflow typedata-mimeeq-modal-overflowType of configurator modal overflowing`ModalOverflowType
Configurator modal widthdata-mimeeq-modal-widthStandard product configurator modal widthstring
Display product list in modaldata-mimeeq-list-modalIf true, render product list in mimeeq modalboolean
List modal class namedata-mimeeq-list-modal-class-nameProduct list modal custom class name(s)string
List modal heightdata-mimeeq-list-modal-heightProduct list modal heightstring
List modal overflow typedata-mimeeq-list-modal-overflowType of product list modal overflowing`ModalOverflowType
List modal widthdata-mimeeq-list-modal-widthProduct list modal widthstring
Display modular in modaldata-mimeeq-modular-modalIf true, render modular configurator in mimeeq modalboolean
Modular modal class namedata-mimeeq-modular-modal-class-nameModular product configurator modal custom class name(s)string
Modular modal overflow typedata-mimeeq-modular-modal-overflowType of modular configurator modal overflowing`ModalOverflowType
Use parent page fontdata-mimeeq-use-page-fontIf true, use website font familyboolean


Options related to e-commerce

Ecommerce modedata-mimeeq-basketIf true, configurator will be rendered with basket supportboolean
Add to Cart placementdata-mimeeq-cart-atWhere to display Add to Cart button`AddToCartPlacement
Add to Cart placement - modulardata-mimeeq-cart-at-modularWhere to display Add to Cart button On modular product only.`AddToCartPlacement
Basket explore products locationdata-mimeeq-explore-productsWhen using Mimeeq Basket, location to take user after clicking Explore buttonstring
Use custom pricingdata-mimeeq-use-custom-pricingIf true, embed will enter custom pricing modeboolean
Mimeeq Cartdata-mimeeq-cartIf true, enable and show Mimeeq Basketboolean


Various options not related to any specific category or functionality

Default configuration codedata-mimeeq-configurationDefault configuration code to be used in single product embedstring
Language codedata-localeLocale codestring
Render configurator at mountdata-mimeeq-render-at-mountIf true, renders configurator after mountingboolean
Embed shortcode to render heredata-mimeeq-short-codeEmbed shortcodestring
Use history navigationdata-withhistoryIf true, use history navigation and add current state information to URLboolean
Configurator root elementdata-mimeeqIt's pointing on which element configurator should mount on.boolean
Auth root elementdata-mimeeq-authIt's pointing on which element auth embed should mount on.boolean