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Custom Language

You can overwrite some default messages for your website or specific language. To do this, you need to define window.mimeeqCustomMessages object with translations in the end of your <head> section.

Available strings

Below list with most commonly used keys for translation. For full list of translations refer to our json file translations-json-file

window.mimeeqCustomMessages = {
// Interface
"header3d.finish": "Finish", // modular product
"historymodule.panelmenufooter.finish": "Finish", // 2d/3d product
"historymodule.panelmenufooter.addToCart": "Add to Cart", // 2d/3d product when basket mode
"summarypanel.addToCart": "Add to Cart", // when the add to cart button is on the summary screen
"header3d.addToCart": "Add to Cart", // Add to cart on modular product header
"optiongroupmenu.selectoptions": "Select Options", // header of Options panel menu
"modular.summary.relatedProducts": "Related Products", // Tab name of Related Products at Modular summary modal
"relatedproducts.relatedproducts": "Related Products", // Header over Related Products section at 2d and 3d products

// prices
"": "Total price includes one time extras of {amount}", // info appearing when price contain one time extra

// basket
"addToCart.saving": "Saving...", // Text on Add to Cart button while loader is visible
"toast.error.required": "Some required fields are missing", // shown if there is some missing required fields
"toast.basket.adding": "Please wait until we prepare your product and put it into your cart", // shown while adding to cart
"toast.basket.adding.title": "Adding to Cart", // title of adding to cart toast

// Sign in modal
"modallogin.header.login": "Sign in", // modal title
"signinPage.title": "Log in to your account", // modal subtitle
"signinPage.description": "", // modal description
"": "Email Address", // email field label
"signinPage.form.forgotPassword": "Forgot?", // forgot password button
"signinPage.form.password": "Password", // password field label
"signinPage.form.submitBtn": "Log in", // submit button
"signinPage.form.submitting": "Submitting...", // info during submitting/logging

// forgot password modal
"modallogin.header.forgot": "Forgot password", // modal title
"forgotPasswordPage.description": "Enter your email address and we will send you a code to enter on the next screen", // description above the form
"": "Email Address", // email field label
"forgotPasswordPage.form.submitBtn": "Reset Password", // submit button text
"forgotPasswordPage.form.submitting": "Submitting...", // submitting text
"forgotPasswordPage.title": "Forgot password?", // Forgot password modal subtitle

// new password form
"NewPasswordRequired": "New password required", // New password modal subtitle
"newPasswordForgotPage.description": "An email is sent with a security code to enter below", // description above the form
"newPasswordForgotPage.form.code": "Code",
"newPasswordForgotPage.form.code.hint": "Check your email", // New password form hint for code fields
"newPasswordForgotPage.form.username": "Username",

// resend verification link button
"resendconfirm.modal.close": "Close",
"resendconfirm.modal.confirmation": "Your code has been resent. Please check your email",
"": "Resend email link", // resend button text

// User Profile Modal
"editprofile.modal.title": "Profile", // title
"": "Email",
"editprofile.modal.form.firstName": "First name",
"editprofile.modal.form.lastName": "Last name",
"editprofile.modal.form.password": "Password",
"editprofile.modal.form.phoneNumber": "Phone number",
"editprofile.modal.form.defaultuserlang": "Default user language",
"editprofile.modal.removeAccount": "Delete my profile", // remove account button text
"settings.language.symbol": "Symbol",
"settings.language.symbol.en": "English",
"": "Polish",
"": "Deutsch",
"settings.language.symbol.en-US": "English US",
"settings.language.symbol.en-us": "English US",

// Change password form
"changePasswordPage.form.submitBtn": "Change password",
"changepassword.modal.form.header.currentPassword": "Current password",
"changepassword.modal.form.header.newPassword": "New password",
"changepassword.modal.form.password": "Password",
"changepassword.modal.form.repeatPassword": "Repeat Password",
"": "Save",
"changepassword.modal.title": "Change password",

// delete account modal
"confirmdelete.user.title": "Are you sure", // title
"confirmdelete.user.text1": "To confirm you wish to delete your profile from from type DELETE in the box provided, this action cannot be undone", // subtitle

// Authentication errors
"CodeMismatch": "Invalid verification code provided, please try again.", // displayed when wrong verification code entered at new password form
"IncorrectEmail": "Old password is incorrect",
"IncorrectEmailOrPassword": "Email or password is incorrect",
"InvalidCaptcha": "Invalid captcha",
"InvalidPassword": "Invalid password",
"LimitExceeded": "Attempt limit exceeded, please try after some time.",
"NoAccess": "You have no access",
"UsedPassword": "Password has to be different than 10 previous passwords",
"UserIsDisabled": "Your Account is Blocked, please contact your administrator",
"UserNotConfirmed": "Email is not verified",
"UserNotFound": "User not found",
"UsernameExists": "An account with the given email already exists",
"error.code.NotAuthorizedException": "Password is incorrect",
"error.code.UsernameExistsException": "This email already exists",
"error.code.forbidden": "Access denied/forbidden",

// validation errors
"validation.confirmPassword": "Passwords are different",
"": "This is not correct email",
"validation.required": "Required",
"validator.invalidLength": "Password should have at least 8 chars",
"validator.invalidPasswordRegex": "Password should contain 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase, 1 number and 1 special char",
"validator.invalidRegex": "Invalid regex",

// AR
"ar.button.desktop": "View in your room",
"ar.button": "AR",

// AR Desktop modal
"ar.modal.title": "Scan QR code",
"ar.modal.desktopText": "It looks like you are using a desktop.",
"ar.modal.desktopScanText": "Scan the QR code with the camera app on your mobile device to see the product in AR.",
"ar.modal.orCopyCode": "or copy and enter code manually",

// AR Landing Page
"ar.landingpage.description": "Click view in room below and see this product come to life",
"ar.landingpage.button.text": "View in Room",
"ar.landingpage.button.loading.text": "Loading AR...",
"ar.landingpage.button.generating.text": "Generating...",
"ar.landingpage.button.createAnother.text": "Create another",
"ar.landingpage.image.placeholder.text": "We are generating your AR experience...",
"ar.landingpage.button.text.goBack": "Go back",

// AR Incompatible Page
"ar.landingpage.header.incompatible": "Device not AR-Compatible",
"ar.landingpage.description.incompatible": "We're sorry, it seems that the AR features are not supported on your current device. Check the {devicesSupported} to find compatible models.",
"ar.landingpage.description.devicesSupported": "list of supported devices",

// AR generation failure view
"ar.landingpage.header.failed": "AR model generation failed",
"ar.landingpage.description.failed": "Go back to the product page or try to load the model again. If the issue continues, please contact our support team for help.",
"ar.landingpage.button.text.tryAgain": "Try again",

// Delivery Info
"": "<b>Delivery</b>: {valueType, select, number {{type, select, week {{weeks, plural, one {# Week} other {# Weeks}}} month {{months, plural, one {# Month} other {# Months}}} year {{years, plural, one {# Year} other {# Years}}} other {{days, plural, one {# Working Day} other {# Working Days}}} }} other {{days}}}",

// Basket
"basket.panel.header": "Basket {count, plural, =0 { } other {(#)}}",
"basket.panel.requestQuote": "Request Quote",
"": "Total",
"basket.item.removeTooltip": "Remove this item",
"basket.item.specification": "Specification",
"basket.item.subtotal": "Subtotal",
"basket.item.unitPrice": "Unit price",
"basket.panel.empty.header": "Your basket is empty",
"basket.panel.empty.description": "Add at least one item to a basket for making an order or generation a quotation",
"basket.panel.empty.explore": "Explore Products",
"": "Add Contact Details",
"": "Full Name",
"": "Email",
"": "Phone Number",
"": "Company Name",
"": "Address",
"": "Notes",
"": "Send Request",
"basket.success.header": "Order Sent",
"basket.success.subheader": "Thank you for submitting your Request!",
"basket.success.reference": "Your Submission Reference is {referenceCode}.",
"": "A copy has been sent to the email you submitted for your reference",
"basket.success.explore": "Browse More Products",
"basket.item.note": "Note (optional)"

Providing custom messages for multiple languages

window.mimeeqCustomMessages = {
en: {
'header3d.finish': 'Next',
'historymodule.panelmenufooter.finish': 'Next',
pl: {
'header3d.finish': 'Dalej',
'historymodule.panelmenufooter.finish': 'Dalej',

Using HTML in translations

While working with the translations you may want to occasionally apply some additional styling in text or add url. To allow that we support custom HTML/XML tags in translations thanks to which you can have even more control over you text.

Available tags

<b>TEXT</b> - it will bold nested text <i>TEXT</i> - it will use italics to display nested text
<c>TEXT</c> - nested text will be displayed in Customer accent color
<a>|click it</a> - it will add link for text. Make sure to use proper markup for
this. While specifying links you should first provide URL at the beggining and then follow it with
`|` and link text. In case you want to display url as text you may skip providing label. Then it
will use url eg. `<a></a>`. You can pass any of the following values as URL - An
absolute URL - points to another website (like `<a></a>`) - A
relative URL - points to a file within a website (like `<a>default.htm</a>`) - Link to an element
with a specified id within the page (like `<a>#section2</a>`) - Other protocols (like https://,
ftp://, mailto:, file:, etc..) - A script (like `<a>javascript:alert('Hello');</a>`)


window.mimeeqCustomMessages = {
en: {
"toast.basket.adding": "<i>Please wait until we prepare your product and put it into your cart</i>", // this will display whole line in italics
"toast.basket.adding": "Please wait until we prepare your product and put it into your <a>|cart</a>" // this will add link pointing to cart page.
"confirmdelete.user.text1": "To confirm you wish to delete your profile from from type <b>DELETE</b> in the box provided, this action cannot be undone", // DELETE will be bolded
"": "Total price includes one time extras of <c>{amount}</c>", // this will display amount using customer accent color