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Mimeeq Embed Web API


The Mimeeq Web Api comes as core part of Mimeeq Embed and can be used on any website as soon as you load our embed.

As soon as Mimeeq Embed is running on your website, you will gain access to a global object mimeeqApp or mimeeqAuth. This global object is a programmatic interface and can be used to interact with how embed is behaving and what is it displaying.


Web Api comes with two modules. Each of them exposes group of methods allowing for manipulation of configurator UI as well as modifying or accessing some of data.

Mimeeq Auth


The mimeeqAuth object contains functions related to authentication like signIn or signOut. It may be also used to trigger different authentication forms in Mimeeq created UI dialogs.

These dialogs include:

  • The Login dialog allows someone to sign with their Mimeeq account and get access to authenticated users only content.
  • The Forgot password dialog allows someone to send request for setting new password for their account.
  • The User profile dialog allows someone to view and edit their user information. It's available only for authenticated users.

To learn more about it, click here.

Mimeeq App


The mimeeqApp object is the primary way to get data as well as manipulate mimeeq configurator.

By using it you can manipulate scene, change options, update prices, take screenshot and many more.

Thanks to this module you can also access data of currently loaded product by subscribing to exposed observers. This data may be product information, scene state, list of selected option and more. At this moment there is no way to access data outside product configurator.

For legacy purpose it also contain some of mimeeqAuth functionality like authentication function or trigger for displaying login dialog.

To learn more about it, click here.


The mimeeqApp object allows for simple configuration of procedures as well as customization of some processes.

At this moment it is limited to settings related to PDF but more settings will be successfully implemented.

Settings can be set either on initialization or during runtime. However, please keep in mind that not all settings can be changed during runtime. In their case you should make sure to set them before embed is being loaded to the browser.

To learn more about it, click here.

You can also look for some examples and ideas at Examples.